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    Going Negative based on Assumptions

    I participated in a discussion about agriculture yesterday evening (go figure, me talking about agriculture - surprising I'm sure).

    Let's start off with some questions and answers:

    Are there issues surrounding sustainability in agriculture? - YES
    Are there bad participants who break the rules in agriculture? - YES
    Do we all, as dedicated ag folks, want to stop these bad participants? - YES
    Are we all tired of silly labels? - YES

    Just to be clear, the above answers are mine, and mine alone. They represent my opinion.

    Now, on to the conversation...

    The View from Here: When Tweets are Put in Chronological Order

    The following is a discussion (loosely defined) between two people I follow on Twitter. In this particular instance, one person kept their cool and acted professional; the other did not. You can decide for yourself as I am not going to add any input. What I have done is put things in chronological order. Oh, one little correction. I will add input to the question regarding filet mignon. The study was funded through checkoff dollars. 

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    Have questions about agriculture and technology in agriculture? Ask away! 

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