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    Social Media Makes You Less Human?

    I just finished reading an interesting article in The Guardian titled "Social Networking Under Attack As Tide Of Cyber-scepticism Sweeps US." The premise is that technology, specifically social media, is making us less human.

    Now I am certainly not in a position to debate this premise from a scientific standpoint as I am not trained in sociology; however, I can provide my own personal experience with the use of this medium in my work and personal life.

    Who Needs The Freeway Anyhow?

    As most of you know, I am involved in a new startup, IntelliCrop. As such, I am on the road quite a bit and recently had the pleasure of visiting with colleagues in Waterloo, Iowa. I always enjoy meeting with fellow aggies to discuss possible projects/businesses we can collaborate on!

    As is customary, I plug the address into my Garmin, load up on coffee, grab the audio-book of choice (a James Patterson novel this time), and hit the road watching my house in the rear view already missing my family. Naturally this is the route the robotic voice inside the little navigation machine took me:

    Pretty standard for heading into Iowa. Hit I-80 and "go west young man." I have made the I-88 to I-80 trip more times than I can count and I still love the farmland and farms I can view from the road. In conjunction with that there are a great many businesses along the interstate that are involved in agriculture, like OEM's, cooperatives, input suppliers, and dealers. Seeing all of this always gets my gears turning as if their gear ratio was 1:100. I also really like the wind towers along I-80.

    And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Iowa 80 truck stop. It is the largest truck stop in the world located in Walcott, IA just off Exit 284. If you ever find yourself near there, pull off, stretch your legs, fill up the tank, and take a quick stroll through the establishment.

    After arriving, we immediately dug in to potential projects and opportunities. Good times!

    As I was leaving Waterloo, I pulled in for the normal fill up. I told my Garmin to take me home and off we went. But this time the little robotic voice had different plans. Instead of heading back on the interstate, the path home was down route 20.

    And what a beautiful drive home through rural america. The drive was peaceful and absolutely beautiful through the rolling hills and small towns. Magnificent antique shops, farms, grain facilities, family owned restaurants, and city halls were littered across the landscape. I felt like I was driving through a little slice of heaven and I found myself waxing nostalgic. And who doesn't like to do that every now and again right? I reflected back on the many times I worked hay fields, worked with livestock, and mucked out stall after stall. I welcomed the warm feeling and thought how lucky I was to be involved in agriculture. 

    I was jolted out of my trip down memory lane by the beautiful view just east of the Ulysses S. Grant home and tourist site. I just had to pull over and take a deep breath feeling the brisk -4 degree air hit my lungs. Here is the location:

    So the next time you find yourself on a trip and can spare a few extra minutes of time, find a route that will take you through small town America. The towns are quaint, the scenery is marvelous, and the opportunity to view the wonders of agriculture is something you just shouldn't miss!

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