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    Seven Year Old's Can Have Edith Bunker Moments Too

    Imagine if I told you that, despite the heavy advertising from fast food companies, the myriad of unhealthy choices out there, and the overwhelming requests from your children to "buy this and buy that" you, as the parent, have complete control over what your children eat at your house.

    NAG, NAG, NAG!!!  Stop badgering meeee!

    Even the choices that they make.

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    Agriculture passionado! I lead GeoVantage's Sales, Marketing, and Business Development activities. If you haven't explored the benefit of remote sensing for production agriculture, now is the time! Not one to rest, I am also a part of the Memes Associates team where we focus on assisting large companies in the agriculture space to "re-discover their inner entrepreneur" through the introduction of market disrupting technology(s) and services.  

    Have questions about agriculture and technology in agriculture? Ask away! 

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