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    Don't Panic, Go Organic - By Anna Lappe | Foreign Policy

    Here is the rebuttal to Mr. Paarlberg's posting in Foreign Policy (My previous blog covered this).

    Thanks to @meredithmo for supplying the link.

    As I mentioned in the last posting, it is good to see people getting involved in agriculture and food.

    Organic, Local, Slow....GMO? and Other Complications

    The below article is all about how agriculture must deliver on it's mission to provide safe, healthy, affordable food. Without which, nothing else really matters.

    Now, to be up front, the article is pro-biotech, so go in with your eyes open in case you hold a different viewpoint.

    Actually, I am putting this post up not because of the article, but because of the comments. As you can imagine, many are diametrically opposed. But this is not a bad thing. It is good that people, farmers and consumers alike, are getting involved and educating themselves. How wonderful is that!

    Some of the comments had really sound factual points that took into account the many complexities involved in the food system.

    So please do read the article and then all the comments...maybe even add you own.

    Attention Whole Foods Shoppers - By Robert Paarlberg | Foreign Policy

    What Is Organic Farming

    A very quick post. I ran across this presentation on slide share and wanted to quickly share it with everyone. Please be sure to read slide 8. It is exactly how I view the role of agriculture as a whole. It will take ALL methods of production to satisfy a hungry world.

    Let's talk #Ag - The Agchat Foundation

    What if I were to ask you:

    "When I mention Agriculture, what comes to mind?"

    Do a myriad of thoughts, ideas, perceptions, and images based on your particular paradigm come to mind? I would think so. Now think about the diversity of our country, indeed the world, and imagine the many, many answers.

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