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    Agriculture folks you should follow on Twitter

    I thought I would add a little more pertinent information as to why you should follow the following people/organizations you should follow on Twitter for this #FollowFriday. The following list is certainly not exhaustive, but will give you a good start if you are interested in food, feed, fiber, and fuel.

    Agriculture is the backbone of our society and these people are working hard at spreading the message to the public on what farmers are doing to ensure an adequate food supply, while at the same time adopting new technologies and management practices to ensure a sustainable world. So, without further ado, here is my list in no particular order:

    @FarmerHaley - Mike Haley is a 5th generation farmer producing grain and purebred Simmental cattler. Mike works hard every day to support his industry through various social media outlets.

    @JeffFowle - Jeff is a rancher raising cattle, horses, and hay. Jeff is very knowledgeable about the beef industry and shares his knowledge freely with all who are interested.

    @RayLinDairy - Ray is a dairy farmer who is very active in social media. He engages in healthy debates on the growing of our food, always above board, and share some pretty funny stuff to boot!

    @mpaynknoper - Michele is a well known speaker and agriculture advocate. You can find more about her on Facebook through her Cause Matters page. She also is the founder of #agchat, an open forum every Tuesday night that allows people from all walks of life to participate in discussions with farmers from around the country. It is a great 2-3 hours of lively debate and knowledge share.

    @WriteNowBiz - Jan is a freelance writer who also raises rabbits and horses, as well as farms. She is also an advocate for agriculture and always participates in the food debates currently taking place.

    @TroyHadrick - Troy is a 5th generation cattle rancher. He has a blog titled Advocates for Agriculture, where he focuses on spreading the positives of modern ranching and farming. Check out his blog for some really good farming information

    @USGC - This is the Unites States Grain Counsel. They focus on increasing farmer profitability by supporting the export markets for grain. They recently came back from an overseas trip in Morocco. Thanks for your work

    @agleader - He is a 6th generation farmer in CA. I enjoy his tweets and particpiation in the food discussions. He also has a focus on water management and the issues we in agriculture must deal with.

    @JPLovesCOTTON - Janice is a PR rep for Monsanto. She is also a wine enthusiast and great photographer. I enjoy here photos and tweets...what a great sense of humor.

    @agchick - Tricia works in media and recently started working with the IL corn board (I believe that is the organization). She is very active is social media and is working on how we, in ag, can spread the message about our industry. See you at Farm Progress next week Tricia

    @OliverRanch - Carrie is president and founder of Oliver Ranch, an artisan beef producer. Carrie is full of great knowledge on the beef supply chain and works on building transparency in here operation for the benefit of the consumer.

    @KYFarmersMatter - They produce beef and have produced a variety of crops prior to opening their full time business "http://www.johnscustommeats". They focus on quality and supporting their local community by providing safe, healthy, and quality beef.

    There are certainly others in the ag community that you should follow, not just on friday, but each and every day. Knowledge share is how we are going to continue to produce food, feed, fiber, and fuel sustainably, thereby making this world a better place for our children. My thanks and gratitude to all the ag folks who engage with me on Twitter and other social media outlets. I hope to meet in person at one of the many events in 2010.


    1. Thanks for this great list! I'm going to go check them out.

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