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    What Topic Draws You into Agriculture?

    The below blog post on Science Blogs by Molly Webster hits home for me. I work every day to provide producers from around the globe the tools they need to grow the food we consume in a sustainable manner. Over the years the field of agriculture has progressed, mightily I might add. But we still have more work to do and lest anyone forget agriculture is a science. And with that comes all the complexities with any science endeavor. The single most difficult issue when discussing science is how to convey the information in such a manner that it not only makes sense to the consumer, but actually invokes a feeling of "this matters". As Molly stated:

    "How do I make agriculture relevant to YOU. Especially today when the hipper cousins "local" and "organic" are marketed as more wholesome and trust-worthy than agriculture. I see people shuddering at the very vision of giant plows mutilating hundreds of miles earth."

    So folks, how do we in the field of agriculture make the discussions relevant to the rest of the folks not involved in agriculture?

    Please share with this post with your non-ag friends to gather some feedback.

    Far Afield: The reach of agriculture : 2010 World Science Festival Blog: "Far Afield: The reach of agriculture"


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