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    Agchat Foundation Website Release

    What comes to mind when someone mentions agriculture to you? Do you think about the food on your plate or the clothes on your back? Do you stretch out and think about medicine?

    Well, I do, and more!

    Agriculture is the backbone of thriving societies around the world. In many respects agriculture is the main driver of the GDP of many nations.

    But let's really be honest. Is agriculture on your front burner? To some yes, but to most, not really. I submit that this needs to be changed. We, as consumers, really need to think about where our food and fiber start, and it isn't the supermarket folks. And we, as agriculture representatives, need to share our story with the general public.

    Luckily for everyone, a foundation was formed by farmers to enable both scenarios above:

    • Educate consumers
    • Enable farmers to tell their story

    This foundation, The Agchat Foundation just released their new website that everyone should have a look at. I have written about the foundation in a previous post that you can read here. I am privileged to be a part of this group of dedicated individuals and urge the readers here to get involved.

    So, take a look at the website and let the foundation know what you think of the work that has been done so far. We would appreciate any feedback.

    If you want to engage the foundation you can do so as follows:
    Twitter -
    Facebook -!/AgChatFoundation?ref=ts
    You tube -

    My continued thanks and gratitude to everyone who participates in this blog. You can find me on twitter @natejtaylor


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