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    Thankful to be in Agriculture - Giving my Foodthanks

    I am grateful. Grateful for my family, friends, health, clean water and air, pets, and a myriad of other sensational aspects of my life. Have you reflected on what you are grateful and thankful for? Try it out and focus your energy on being grateful. You will find it really impacts your outloook on.....everything.

    On a professional level, I am extremely grateful and thankful that I participate in agriculture. Almost everyone I meet in my field has a burning desire to do what they do; this is what agriculture does to a person!

    As on can probably tell, this post is focused on giving thanks and expressing gratitude. Thanksgiving is right around the corner after all, and I want to show you a great way to share your gratitude to the hard working women and men in agricuture that provided that safe, healthy, affordable, nutritious meal that is on your table and plate.

    It is called #Foodthanks (ignore the pound sign if you do not participate on twitter - and if you don't you really should). The website is Stop reading this post now and go check it out. It provides you with 5 different avenues for you to express your thanks to farmers and others in agriculture.

    Simulating the passing of time

    OK - so you have now gone to the website. See how easy it is? I will also add that if you have any questions, I mean any please let me know. I would be ecstatic to assist you.

    Here is my video on giving Foodthanks. It is my first go at capturing video for my blog.


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