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    A New Ag Adventure

    As you may have heard a group of us, namely myself, Steve Faivre, David Faivre, and Travis Pettijohn formed a new company called IntelliCrop. This is taken directly from the IntelliCrop website:

    IntelliCrop solutions are internet connected, map based products with intuitive, streamlined interfaces. Focused on usability, IntelliCrop provides customers with simple value added opportunities instead of complex "work added" products.

    We give a great deal of thought into the design of our service(s) to ensure they are customer focused and value-added instead of "work-added". And this is not a simple task. Given the magnitude of the decisions our customers must make and the ramifications when things do not go according to plan, it is vitally important that accurate, reliable information is available and easy to use. IntelliCrop's product design, at it's core, delivers on this principle. Every product/service we develop must explicitly deliver on accurate, reliable, easy to use information.

    Anyone working in the field of agriculture fully understands that two of the most important data sets used in making decisions is weather and soil data. There are certainly many more data points; however, weather and soil are often the most difficult to integrate into the decision making process, much less "combine" together to aid in decision making. This pain point can now be dealt with due to the fact that technology has advanced enough over the past 5 years to allow for the processing of massive amounts of disparate data sets.

    Speaking of data sets, agriculture, for the most part, isn't necessasrily lacking on data to make decisions. The continued innovations in precision agriculture show quite clearly that we are getting better at collecting massive amounts of data. Now what? The challenge comes in when trying to integrate all this data into a decision making process without cumbersome "work-added" tasks. In many instances our customers must navigate to multiple websites to get their information; This information is many times at a lower resolution than what is needed to make good decisions.

    IntelliCrop aims to change this by focusing on data integration and data fusion. We will "fuse" data sets together, display them utilizing the latest GIS methodologies spatially and temporally, and ensure our customers can easily integrate our product into thier current business processes.

    Know The Land. And Decide. What Can You Get Done Today?

    Please stay tuned in for further updates as we prepare to launch our product in the spring of 2011. Here is a direct link to the latest press release (you can also find it in the News section of the IntelliCrop website.)
    If you would like more information you can:
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