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    The Benefit(s) of A Snowpocalypse

    We are getting a fair amount of snow here in Northern Illinois, across the Midwest actually, with still more coming down.
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    It is nothing out of the ordinary to get snow in my neck of the woods. My family and I actually love the snow. Snow sledding, skiing, snowball fights, snowmen, snow forts, and just all around excellent family time.

    Time to Play

    There comes a time when you get enough snow to keep you in the house. We reached that time last night and do not expect to get shoveled out until later this afternoon at the earliest.

    Family Time
    As luck would have it, we needed some supplies from the pet store yesterday (kitty litter, dog items, etc..). Why is this lucky? Well, the fish tanks were on sale and my oldest has been looking into a new pet for some time now. So, viola, we now had a family "project" to take care of during the snowpocalypse last night.
    Fish Tank Project. Youngest daughter (blur intentional)

    I love dedicated family time. There just isn't anything that compares. To say it is fulfilling is a drastic understatement. Watching my children's faces when they have that aha moment and learn something new or listening to that deep belly laugh are the moments that I will always cherish.

    Family Projects
    Have you considered working on a family project yet? Here are some ideas that the whole family can participate in when you are stuck at home:

    1. Build a set of Stilts
    2. Start a family tree chart - This is for when your children are a bit older and will require a purchase of geneology software of some kind. But I have found that learning your family history is important. Knowing your roots is important.
    3. Cook Together - I am all about getting kids engaged in the kitchen. It is my firm opinion that starting children off early in the kitchen is a must learn life skill. It is where health begins! There are resources everywhere. Here is one focused on breakfast. I highly recommend a pizza night where the whole family is involved from preparation to clean up. Kids love pizza (in general). 
    4. Build an Indoor Herb Garden In One Pot - Anyone who knows me is aware of my love for agriculture so this is the project of choice for me. Obviously this can only be done if you already have the seeds so my suggestion is to always have seeds on hand. You just never know when the agriculture siren will start calling out your name! 

    So what are you doing while snowed/iced in at your home? Do you have any ideas on what we can all do when we can't go outside? Let us know.

    Nate J. Taylor


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