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    Have you sent feedback to Google about Google+ yet?

    So one of the things that irritates me about Google+ is the inability to collapse comments! I really need this functionality. I have tried muting a post, but then the original is now gone from my stream. You can come back and unmute it, but I am slow on the uptake and just can’t remember all the posts I want to check out later if I happen to run out of time and need to focus on something else. Given my ADD tendencies, I am always circling back around to previous posts. I’ll be happy if I can just get this quick blog post complete before I drift off to thinking about something else.

    2.5 hours later….

    So I thought I would submit feedback to Google and man do I like the way it is implemented. After you click the feedback button located on the bottom right hand side of the screen


    You get this nifty little box:

    From there you can highlight the screen showing exactly what you are reporting on. Nice! After you enter in a description of the problem and hit preview, you are then taken to this screen that shows you exactly what you are sending in to Google:


    I don’t know how you feel about providing feedback, but given the current crowd on G+ (yes I know I am too lazy to type out Google+, or am I?) I imagine Google is getting bombarded with enhancement requests.

    Have you submitted feedback to Google yet? What do you think of this little piece of functionality?

    Now, back to spending entirely too much time on G+.


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