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    Agriculture and the political example it sets

    The purpose of this blog is to discuss agriculture. It is meant to be an open forum for everyone involved in agriculture to speak their mind. It is really not meant to discuss politics, and this post will certainly not get into political positions directly; the bully pulpit is not in effect here, but all one must do to see how polarized things are at the moment is to turn on the television. Our 24 hours news cycle can be distracting and, well, useless sometimes. That is not a knock on the media as that is just the system that is in place. A great example of sensationalist TV faring better than civil discourse is CSPAN. As many of my friends and family state, "that is the most boring TV we have ever seen." Why is that I wonder? Let's face it, how interesting is a good, in-depth policy discussion? How many individuals would tune in to that news outlet if there was a focus on policy? I propose that their ratings would take a hit. It is so much easier to pull out the race card against all dissidence of current policy. It is also great TV when Obama is called a Marxist (I wager that 1/2 the people calling him that have NO idea what that means), racist, or Nazi. Where does that really get us? Does it make our country better? The answer is unequivocally no. And this is exactly why the media and general population should take a look at agriculture.

    As all of us are aware, there is a very heated debate taking place in regards to health care in our country. Actually, there are very heated debates going on about the role of government in our society. These debates are the cornerstone of our democracy. Any President that tries to implement bold changes has faced significant opposition, from FDR to Reagan, and now Obama. I am thankful I live in a country that allows everyone to speak their mind. That being said, I must say that recent events really do challenge my die hard belief in the First Amendment. My steadfastness hasn't faltered, but it certainly is trying at times. It is, after all, the First Amendment for a reason.

    Let's take a look at the 9/12/09 protest first. I am all for grassroots efforts culminating into a march and show of support or dissidence; however, it is really difficult to determine if many of the individuals taking part were actually there showing their dissidence of health care reform (#HCR). There were so many signs, both literally and figuratively that had nothing to do with health care. Look here for examples. This is what our media covers because it is sensational. What that does is detract from the actual debate. The fact of the matter is that Obama is not a Marxist, Nazi, or "death panel" advocate, and the Republican party is not full of racists. If you truly believe either of the above, then this post is definitely for you! Does racism still occur in this country? Yes, and it is not party dependent. We need to marginalize such activities and call them out for what they are. Every news outlet from ABC to Fox news and all of Congress should repudiate these views and mention that these people are the minority in our country, minority indeed! They are certainly free to speak their mind; however, it should be stated that such positions are deplorable.

    So, why should we have a look at agriculture? How does paying attention to agriculture apply to the current health care debate? The answer is quite simple. When we debate agricultural issues, we talk about POLICY, pure and simple. Ask a farmer about the effects of, say Cap and Trade and the answer revolves around the effects such a policy will have on their ability to run their business; growing our food, fuel, feed, and fiber. It isn't about what Obama and Congress "are." It is about the actual guts of the bill. Ask a farmer about Indirect Land Use and, not surprisingly, the discussion is about policy. It isn't about Pelosi, Frank, Grassley, or any other elected official directly; it may focus on their position, but it isn't about attacks on character. Farmers spend the time required to educate themselves, and......wait for it......actually READ the bill. What a novel concept right?

    To take that further, we are currently in a debate surrounding the future of agriculture and the role various types of agricultural approaches fit into the puzzle; that puzzle being massive population growth, finite resources, and a healthy citizenry. Granted our discussions, at times, become antagonistic. There are a minority of individuals that play to the sensational also, but, as with the current debates, these are the minority. The majority of us use a wonderful approach to the discussions; that is education and facts. If there is something that one of us has detailed knowledge about, we share with the group. Lo and behold, it actually furthers our discussions!

    And that, after all, is what we all need to focus on. We need to educate ourselves on the issues and then determine our position. If you already have a position because Glenn Beck or Rachel Maddow "said so", then go back to the drawing board. There is nothing that replaces a good, in depth read. Take the time to educate yourself on issues. You may find that the 24 hour news cycle is not meant for a replacement in your own research. I also encourage you to look to agriculture as an example. Beyond that, everyone should be paying attention to agriculture as it is what drives a thriving society. Yes I know that was a shameless plug, but #ag is where it's at so come join us! We would love to interact, answer questions and talk about policy.


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