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    Another week has flown by! As I reflect on the events of the past week, I would like to thank my fellow #ag tweeps for yet another enriching twitter experience. I appreciate all your efforts to ensure an adequate, safe, and healthy food supply. I am especially grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge, not only with me, but with the general public. Working together I am totally convinced agriculture, in it's entirety, is going to face the upcoming challenges we are certain to experience. I am looking forward to another exciting week ahead as I tweet from my company headquarters in State College, PA. As an aside, if there are any #ag tweeps in the neighborhood, drop me a line as I would be more than happy to meet and shake hands.

    The following #FF (#FollowFriday) list is not an exhaustive list; it is a list of the #ag tweeps I had the most interaction with this week. For all "non-ag" folks, please take an interest in #agriculture. It will enrich your life as agriculture is a mix of art and science, exhilarating, fascinating, fun, complex, and just plain wonderful. It is the cornerstone of ALL thriving societies; not to mention, there are so many excellent people involved. You will not be disappointed once you take the dive, so do it to find out where your food comes from, who produces it, how they produce it, and why. (Psst - I will let you in on a little secret: Almost every family farmer that produces our food does it because they love it...their heart is in it!)

    Besides following the below individuals, an excellent resource to get you started has been put together by @followfarmer. This is a great spreadsheet designed for you to be able to follow the worthwhile #ag folks on #twitter. I am looking forward to tweeting with you in the twitterverse.

    My #FF list of #ag folks - in no particular order

    @FarmerHaley                    @foodprovider
    @RayLinDairy                     @featherchick
    @TroyHadrick                    @derekbalsey
    @AFBFMace                     @OliverRanch
    @kansfarmer                       @KYFarmersMatter
    @daringrimm                       @WriteNowBiz
    @KSFarmBureau                @jilib
    @mpaynknoper                   @n_web
    @Kath_Monsanto               @JPLovesCOTTON


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