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     Another exhilarating week has passed by. I spent the great deal of the week at my company headquarters in State College, PA; a beautiful part of the country.

    I received a few #FF mentions from #ag folks that I hold in high regard. To be mentioned by these folks as someone to follow on #twitter is really amazing. I am continually thankful for the interactions on #twitter, especially from my fellow #ag tweeps. My heartfelt thanks for the conversations and knowledge you continually share with me. As we are all aware, agriculture, as an industry, is going to be faced with huge challenges to deliver on our promise to provide food, fuel, feed, and fiber to the world. I am very confident that our industry is going to indeed deliver, in spades. Now is the time "non-ag" folks to get involved! We need your interaction and interest so so the facts and truth about farming can be spread far and wide. Don't be sucked in with the sensationalism that compromises some of our media outlets. There are farmers and ag industry folks ready and willing to interact with you. Many are even willing to accept you as a visitor on their farm or business to answer your questions. Now is the time to find out where your food really comes from and who produces it. Yes there are bad people and companies out there as with any market, but there are more of us, many more of us, that do not get coverage and media attention. The foundation of our democracy is an educated populace, so take the time to educate yourself.

    Below is a list to make it a bit easier to get started. Every one of these individuals has enriched my life. They are also eager to spread the word about #agriculture.....and why we LOVE it so much. So, pull up a chair, open a beverage, and take a load off. The water is nice!

    #FollowFriday list in no particular order:

    I am VERY short on time so I will have to add to this list a bit later and send out an update. To all other #ag folks, I am continually grateful for your presence. Go ag!


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